Where are the angry people?

The insecurity in jobs, no prospective carrers, low wages, high competition.

And yet, we do nothing.

Tuition fees tripled.

We kept going to our lectures as if nothing happened.

Do we care? Maybe.

The revolution seems to be a part of the faded glorious past. Such things do not happen any longer, not in our world.

The theorists fall. We are not rebels.
We are children of calculations. We are part of a digital world.

So what, if we stood up. For what price we would achieve those kind of aims?

It’s not worth it. We are still paying the old fees, future students will pay more. There will be less competition, right?

We can’t change it.
We can’t change.

All that’s left- 4 A’s.
Anxiety. Alienation. Anomie… No. 3 A’s. We are not
even Angry.

P.S. Šis įrašas šiek tiek skiriasi nuo prieš tai buvusių. Tiek kalba, tiek turiniu. Bet galbūt tai pirmas kartas, kai jo esmė susišaukia su projekto pavadinimu. Bent kalbant apie manuosius.

Inspired by G. Standing

Where are the angry people?